Optimise your MCNP® workflow with Cyclone™


Optimise your MCNP® workflow with Cyclone™


Streamlining MCNP® Model Development

Modern CAD Viewer: Instantly visualise models in a state-of-the-art CAD viewer within a browser. No install required,choose from solid, translucent, or wireframe displays for each cell/material. Easily check cross-sections with slicing and troubleshoot efficiently with overlap detection.

2D & 3D Ray Tracing: See your model as MCNP® does. Our 2D and 3D ray tracer provides an accurate depiction, aligning perfectly with MCNP®’s geometry interpretation.

Overlay Radiation Data: Bring your data to life. Display FMESH tallies within your geometry, customising dose contours for impactful client presentations. Visualise PTRACK files for a comprehensive understanding of particle interactions.

CAD Import & Conversion: Seamlessly import CAD files lfor realistic context. Convert CAD to Abaqus unstructured mesh format and even export models back to CAD for broader compatibility.

Explore Cyclone’s capabilities firsthand: view your models in 3D for free, directly in your browser. Experience the future of MCNP® modelling with Cyclone™.

Redefining Nuclear Industry Software

Orthrus Software leads in innovative nuclear software solutions, blending expertise in radiation shielding, criticality safety, and advanced technologies like Machine Learning and computer vision. Our flagship product, “Cyclone,” revolutionises MCNP® usage, offering unparalleled parameterisation and visualisation. Cyclone simplifies complex model creation and elevates visualisations, accessible to users of all skill levels.

Our UK-based team is committed to evolving Cyclone, focusing on radiation shielding and criticality safety in Monte Carlo calculations. Key features include an integrated code editor, extensive parameterisation, a vast material database, and cutting-edge visualisation techniques. These advancements not only streamline quality assurance but also minimise errors, making Cyclone a game-changer in the industry.

We highly value user feedback and support, offering dedicated email assistance and enhanced services for Pro and Enterprise clients. Your feedback is vital in shaping Cyclone to meet the evolving demands of the nuclear sector.

Our specialties...


Cyclone provides industry leading geometry visualisation for MCNP® models. It also facilitates file and data management.

Software Engineering

Othrus develop software to solve challenging technical problems. We have significant experience in the nuclear and telecommunications industries.

Machine Learning

Specialists in Machine Learning, including computer vision, the Orthrus team are available on a consultation basis.