Frequently Asked Questions

The free and Pro versions of Cyclone both run in the browser and require an internet connection to work. We have a desktop app in development that will only require periodic internet connections to check on licencing.

Enterprise clients will soon be able to utilise a fully standalone version of Cyclone that will not require an internet connection and can be installed on offline systems.

No. While Cyclone allows users to develop MCNP input files and display results, it does not run MCNP. In order to run MCNP calculations, users must obtain a licence (see the LANL website for details) and run the calculations on their own system.

The next major update of Cyclone will provide complete ‘wrap around’ software for MCNP and so users will be able to run MCNP calculations (still on their own system) through the Cyclone software, manage files, and display results.

Stripe handles all our payment processing. You can make secure payments via credit/debit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. Enterprise customers can utilise offline payments, please contact us to arrange this.

We have a free online version of Cyclone to try out. We have a fully featured Cyclone Pro, and bespoke enterprise options. See our pricing page for details.

Cyclone prioritises your privacy and offers three distinct versions to cater to your needs: online, desktop, and standalone. Regardless of the version you choose, rest assured that your MCNP code, models, renders, and other data remain on your machine and are never shared with us or any third party.

For the online and desktop versions, the only information sent to our servers are your login details, which are used for authentication purposes. The online version also collects minimal usage data related to the frequency of use of the 3D render feature, helping us improve our services - this data is securely encrypted during transmission and storage. An upcoming release will provide an option to disable this data collection if you wish.

The standalone version is designed for complete privacy, requiring no internet connection to function.

Choose the version that best suits your needs, knowing that with all options your models, renders, MCNP code and all similar data stays securely on your device.

There are hard-coded memory limitations associated with web applications running in a browser. A memory limit of 4GB ram is imposed on any tab, regardless of the amount of hardware installed on a users machine. As such there are a few limitations to be aware of in the online version of Cyclone. These include:

  • Generally speaking large models may impinge on the memory limitation, this this really depends on the geometry. A large model of boxes will take up far less memory than a large model of complex geometry.
  • Arrays can cause memory issues, by default arrays are turned off, but can be turned on again. It is down to the user to make this decision. Again geometry will play a big part in this decision and an array or complex geometry, or nested arrays will likely cause memory issues.
  • Others issues to note, loading large fmesh tallies, CAD or particle track files will additionally take a lot of memory that might not be available to them or impact the rendered performance.

These limitations are associated with using the browser. We have a standalone version of the software nearing completion, which will eliminate some of these limitations. Large geometries will always be hard to view, but the 3D raytracer that is incurrent development will require much less memory that the current viewer and as such will be able to render arrays and large geometry in a much more stable manner, ultimately restricted then to the hardware that is installed on a users machine. The standalone version of Cyclone will also allow Enterprise customers to install it on secure systems that cannot be connected to the internet.

A Windows or Linux PC running Chrome or Edge. Any other Chromium-based browser should work, but we have only tested on Chrome and Edge.

Currently, Cyclone only works with MCNP(c). We are still in the relatively early stages of development, but we are keen to hear what code(s) you would like us to integrate next. Please get in touch!

Beta testing formally finished at the end of May. However, hot on the heels will be a first major update for the Pro and Enterprise versions of the code that will include a fully integrated file manager, calculation queue system and 3D raytracer.

After that, we’ve got a list of features and ideas to add, but we want the development to be driven by the user base, so please get in touch to tell us what features you use, and what you would like to see.

We will if there is demand for it! If you would like to suggest another Monte Carlo code to integrate into Cyclone, then please get in touch.