Cyclone prioritises your privacy and offers three distinct versions to cater to your needs: online, desktop, and standalone. Regardless of the version you choose, rest assured that your MCNP code, models, renders, and other data remain on your machine and are never shared with us or any third party.

For the online and desktop versions, the only information sent to our servers are your login details, which are used for authentication purposes. The online version also collects minimal usage data related to the frequency of use of the 3D render feature, helping us improve our services – this data is securely encrypted during transmission and storage. An upcoming release will provide an option to disable this data collection if you wish.

The standalone version is designed for complete privacy, requiring no internet connection to function.

Choose the version that best suits your needs, knowing that with all options your models, renders, MCNP code and all similar data stays securely on your device.